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Edited summary: My package was delivered at 9:00am Monday and by 4:30pm, I still had no card. Strange... I figured they were just being their slow, usual selves and didn't bother checking at the desk... mistake!

Edited Tuesday: Update: Well, when I go back, there is still no slip in my box. So I go to the desk this time and inquire as to what the situation was with the mail in a polite manner. It turns out the card was put into the wrong box by someone else! To make matters worse though, he didn't check my ID when I signed so I could have essentially walked away with a package containing $800 of electronics if I felt like it. Ooops. I don't feel I should disclose the name of the employee here.
I noticed others are having similar troubles with the mailroom, and I don't know who's job it is, nor am I angry at every worker there, but please don't hire a dyslexic individual to put cards into numbered boxes. Thanks and to Jon, I hope you've been able to bring this to the manager's attention.

Rant finished. Thanks...

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