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Originally Posted by Dorothy A. Meaney
Is this happening on machines where single sign-on is enabled? We have a few new machines in the library where this has been pre-installed and need to know if this is going to be a problem.

If you have SecureLogin working with Firefox 3 currently, then it will continue to be supported with Firefox 3.0.8.

The original release of SecureLogin that we were offering did not work with FF 3. If you are still using Firefox 2 with SecureLogin, it is possible you might need a SecureLogin update as well when you go to Firefox 3. You can update SecureLogin from the Application Explorer.

Unfortunately, both versions show as SecureLogin 6.1 (the hotfix number doesn't show), os it isn't really easy to tell if you have an NSL version that supports Firefox 3. The easiest thing to do is to update Firefox and then update SecureLogin only if single-sign-on stops working for you.

For testing, SecureLogin does show up as its own Firefox extension. If you go to Tools > Add-Ons, you will see the SloMoz extension listed. You can temporarily disable this if you suspect whatever Firefox issue you are seeing might be related to SecureLogin. I've seen plenty of Firefox problems caused by extensions, but haven't observed or heard of much being caused by the SloMoz extension.
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