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Zachary C. Kanfer
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Originally Posted by Justin M. Giza
... well... attention all bittorrent users, please stop downloading the new Harry Potter movie that you didn't pay for...

Or at least limit the download/upload speed. I know Azereus allows you to do such; I'm not sure about other programs.

It was explained to me today that the academic buildings are given high priority (not on wireless), and upon testing this with good ol' Warcraft 3 (I figured it'd be a good test-program) in my spare time, I found it to run flawlessly at 7pm tonight (usually a busy time, I've noted).

Out of curiousity, and please correct me if I'm wrong (I have no real working knowledge of network traffic), is there any way to re-route this open access to the rest of campus? Just how much of this space is left open?

I assume it's just given priority over the rest of the campus, but nothing is reserved for them. Like, if a student is having supper in a restaurant, and a professor comes in, the management will throw the students out to make room for the professor, but the students can sit there after the professor leaves. So there's nothing saved for them if they're not using it.

At least, I think.
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