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Justin M. Giza
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Default Power Keeps Cutting Out on my Laptop

My junkpad R40's been acting up again.

Seemingly at random, all power will simply cut out from the system. I could be in MS Word, I could be doing something more hardcore like gaming. Just... whenever my computer doesn't feel like working anymore, all power will cut out from the system, and completely die.

Now here's where it gets really odd.

If I leave the AC adapter plugged in, the power button will not work.

If I remove it, the power button *will* work, and I can just plug it back in.

If it goes to sleep mode, it will not return from it at all. Period. Regardless of whether it's plugged in or not, it will not come out of it.

The random shut-downs sounds like something that would happen if the thermal sensor thought it was overheating, which... I'm not sure about. I'm not confident what the R40's typically run at, but mine is currently at 52C, which sounds a bit high. Could it be a faulty sensor, something with the adapter itself, or some other unforseen problem?

I'm bringin' it in as soon as I can, but if anyone has any suggestions for a fix in the meantime, that'd be great. Thanks!

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