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Neal B. Day
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Default Some of the things wrong with Drew

1. The food is..well..awful. Not much of a shock here.

2. The town and Drew do not have any sort of agreement. If you want to go into Madison, being a Drew student doesn't give you discounts, and you cant use your campus cash there. This is common at so many colleges now.

3. Tuition. 50,000. Wow. For what?

4. The University Center. What a piece of crap. One TV. Crummy furniture. Crummy building.

5. The money seems to be going to the wrong areas. The gym center (w/e its called) seems to be one of the nicest places on campus. But in the classrooms, the desks are old and small, its not completely wireless (for a school that demands you buy a laptop, no less).

6. The dorms. Tolley-Brown is a crap-hole. I don't think there is any argument against this. Hoyt Bowne, the doors are falling off the hinges. Oh, and its not wireless!!

7. Clubs. No offense to the clubs that there are, but the majority of them seem to be culture and religious clubs. That's fine, but where are the floor hockey clubs? The film clubs?

8. No football. This would generate so many alums donating money to a good sports program. Students love football. Parents love football. It could bring so much school spirit.

Thats just off the top of my head. Feel free to rip into me, or add more!
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