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Jennifer A. Fox
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Default outlook personal settings

I know Outlook is not a supported, but since this problem derives (I think) from the use of network drives, maybe someone can answer my question...

I just installed Outlook on my office computer. Superficially it is working OK, but the program is not retaining my default settings. So if I change the calendar view to 5 days/week, or add/remove columns for how my contact list is displayed, or make any changes to any of the folders, those are lost when I move to another folder. I've tried the 3Rs already (restarting, rebooting, reinstalling).

I ran into a very similar problem with Word and Powerpoint when I got the new computer, but I know enough about those programs that I could put settings files where they needed to be (if I remember correctly, which I may not, had to do with the program being on C drive but looking at F drive for settings files). But I can't find anywhere in Outlook to tell it where to look for the .pst file....

Any suggestions?
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