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Kristen M. Bloschak
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Yay! I'm a girl! And I love singing! ...I kinda get nervous at auditions though b/c I'm so shy, so I know I'm gonna majorly screw this up and not get in. But, I'm going to try anyway, b/c I know that I've got what it takes.

Um, when and where will the auditions be held?... I'm a commuter first off, so any reallly early morning or late night would be bad for me. And I have 2 night classes too, but whatev, I can skip one one day if it conflicts. So..what do I have to sing at the auditions? Do you give me something to sing?..Make me do scales(pleaseeee no)?... Or do I bring my own songs- and then I guess I need sheet music, and yeah, that'll be tough to find in time. Can the songs be any type, or a specific type of music?.... And what kinds of voices are you looking for?....
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