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Elyse C. Atkinson
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Let me just say how much I love you, Jillian L. Tundidor. Can you please take a peeksie back through the old posts from the last 2 years and see how we are THE SAME PERSON?! You're great. I'm so glad we're living together. You will probably hate me by the end of the year because i'm a little obsessed with you.

OK, end Jill-lovefest.

Jill hit the nail on the head answering your questions.

A few little additions: no need to bring sheet music. We ask you to audition a cappella (for the very reason that we are an a cappella group... also, i am terrible at piano and you wouldn't want me trying to accompany you.)

As for hints on what counts as a recognizable song, something I could find playing on the radio is a good choice. In the past we've heard Beatles, Tori Amos (though I, personally, am not very familiar with her, but whatever,) Christina Aguilera, torch songs, motown, Norah Jones, country songs... Please don't sing stuff from musicals/operas/operettas. I love those, and will probably recognize the song, but as Jill said, I'm really looking for you, not a character. Also, OADN doesn't sing that kind of music. We sing pop/rock/stuff like that. Check out our (slightly out-of-date, but still mostly accurate) website for a repertoire list of what we do/have done in the past.

Last few things: Please come talk to us at the activities fair. I like being able to recognize faces in the audition already. it helps!

Ask us questions. Yes, I will absolutely help you as best I can. Yes, I will tell you what I think of your proposed audition songs. Yes, if we can find a mutually agreeable time before the audition, I will listen to you sing them and tell you what I think and give you suggestions. Use me. Please.

Yes, auditioning is scary. I'm sorry. I don't want to be scary. It will honestly be way less scary if you come talk to me/email me (or anyone in the group, really... though since I run auditions, I think people are most scared of me) beforehand. Then we'll be friends and it's totally no big deal. I'm really nice. I promise.

No, we can't take everyone in the group. Just because we have to turn you away this time doesn't mean that you weren't just as awesome as the girls we took. It just means that they happened to blend with this particular group, and offered us what we were looking for at that time. I have turned away DOZENS of really good singers and talented performers/musicians. It sucks. I hate doing it. Please don't be too disappointed if it happens to you.

One thing every girl auditioning for OADN should know is that it is VERY common for people to get into the group on their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th audition for us. Like I said, sometimes we have to turn away talented people. If that's you, PLEASE come back and audition next time. Our group changes every semester (especially this year with people taking semesters abroad.) If we aren't looking for people at the semester, we won't hold auditions. See how it's a win-win for us all? We want people, you come be people. So please, come back if we can't take you the first time. You have the advantage then of knowing the process, seeing familiar faces, and having a better idea of what kind of audition we're looking for, plus (hopefully!) seeing the group perform around campus so that you know what we're about. Basically, you'll be a veteran.

Also, please remember that everybody in the audition room was in your place at one (or maybe 2 or 3) time. We know it seems scary, but we also know you can do it, because we did! ...and we're pretty big wusses.

That being said, I can't wait to meet you guys and hear you sing and welcome you to the group! Being in college a cappella (and especially OADN... not that I'm biased...) presents a WONDERFUL opportunity and can really make your college experience spectacular. Most of my best friends have come from the a cappella crowd, and I can't imagine Drew University with out it.

so now you're job is to ask us questions and come audition!!!
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