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Originally Posted by Kelly A. Thomas
Just saw this on the home page and had to give a reply. I was also a transfer student, and can I give you my two cents? That's be don't even bother getting Drew's laptop. I never did, and am VERY happy I didn't. You wouldn't believe some of the horror stories with them. Personally I got a Dell instead and have had *knock on wood* no problems with it, I have more advanced features, the same warranty, and it was actually a lot cheaper.

I too will give my two cents about transferring in and getting the Drew computer. Do it. I did in when I transferred in for Jan '04 -- I still use my Thinkpad everyday, plus as I was a commuter it was carried on my shoulder for the 3 years I was a student. And now I still use it everyday and bring to work (still at Drew). Laptops I had before this did not hold up as well over the long term.

And this is the problem with individual anecdotal evidence. For every horror story you can find, you can also find a wonderful success story -- although Kelly has no actuall experience with the Drew Laptop, so her evidence is a little hearsay.

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