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Originally Posted by Golly Tabatabaie
yeah, i've been slacking...i'm sorry

quick question (and a random one too): why did some people get a blue cat 5 as opposed to a purple one?

i'm asking because someone i know has been given a blue one, but its not long enough, so she needs a purple one, etc etc.

what can be done? and don't say
"buy one from the bookstore" because golly won't accept that answer (mainly because she tried to buy one and it wasn't long enough)

Golly, if you come down to the computer store office with your blue cord I will give YOU a purple one as a trade in. I can't do this for every person (just some) who want a longer cord do to the fact that there is a limited supply of purple cords. we are located in the basement of the library in the MRC; office LC 45
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