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These are just my opinions, take them for what they're worth:

There is a lot of screen real estate dedicated to the "Recent Job Openings" box, but I really don't see that information as being applicable to the daily lives of existing employees. There's also a huge box devoted to almost every document we have on the hiring process. This again is a fairly rare need, and not a great use of the top center box. Seeing as the portal takes two full screens to display (at a resolution of 1280x1024) I'd think space would be at a premium. Perhaps a single link a piece for each of these, since the need is fairly rare, pointing at the relevant index pages elsewhere would be a better use of space? It's interesting information that people should be able to easily find, but I don't know that it all needs to be laid out at the top level.

Under University Technology, "Log a support request" and "Check the Status of an Open Ticket" both point to the same page. Not a huge deal, but somewhat redundant. Perhaps a single "Support Requests" link or something like that?

Since the portal scrolls beyond one screen, I might suggest rearranging some of the boxes to put items people might need on a day to day basis (such as the Office Supply & Furniture box) closer to the top, and the information that people need ready access to but are unlikely to use regularly (such as the Benefits section) more towards the bottom.

Again, just some random observations. Looks good on the whole! This is all just nit-picking.
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