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Benjamin R. Shedlock
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Originally Posted by Jackie DiLorenzo
I wanted to take Arabic for the language requirement (I'm tired of French) but I heard it was insanely difficult... and I figured I need to know some Spanish in general, so... I don't know.

It's only difficult because people look at it and see a bunch of squiggles. However, each letter has its own unique sound, unlike english (the "TH" in the vs. three, which are separate in arabic, and "TIO" vs. "SH" in words like contrucTION and SHUN). Also, the verb "to be" is assumed, and for me, etre was a hard part of learning french. It's not as difficult as everyone says. It's orderly.

And who says you need to know spanish? Don't arabic speaking populations affect the US as much as spanish speaking ones?
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