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Scott M. Brandsdorfer
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Default Drew University Treadmill Challenge

With the new running machines in the weight room, there should be new goals set for students here at Drew University.

Since we can now plug in our iPods and record our running results to Nike+ I decided to create the Drew University Treadmill Challenge.

Every month, a new Challenge will be created at for Drew students and faculty to join. By joining this challenge your goal is to run the most by the end of the month.

Every so often, I will update the recent news of this facebook group to show running leaders. So make sure to keep running and stay in shape.

As far as i know, iPod touches, iPod Nanos and iPhones are all compatible with the Nike+ application.

Plugging in your iPod will record all your results to the website so there is no recording necessary on your part.

This is a race so may the best runners win.

To register for this challenge you must

1) go to and create a new membership (which is free).

2) once you have registered click on Challenges under the Nike+ tab on the left hand side of the page.

3) Search for "Drew University February Challenge"

4) Join Challenge

5) Run
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