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Raven Brockriede
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Originally Posted by Erin Carroll
Sent mine in last night too. It was so hard to write because the book was so unenjoyable. But thank god it's finally done with. Only two weeks left as of Thursday!!!!
"Although I found that most of The Periodic Table was quite dry, one of the short stories Premio wrote out of boredom and need for an escape, was the sole part of the entire biography that intrigued and fascinated me; the mystery and light-hearted distraction from the overall boring concept of Premio’s chemistry. Even in Premio’s own words, the short stories were, “like a prisoner’s dream of escape,” even though I probably misinterpreted his meaning when he wrote those few words, they summed up my opinion quite beautifully (78). To digress from the fact that, sadly, I disliked this book, I will go into more depth of this wonderfully written “getaway” from Premio’s chemistry, DesolationIsland."

well, to put it mildly, I HATED this book lol! so i wrote about how much I hated it....well not totally, but this was my first paragraph! haha, i dont really care...
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