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Unhappy An Issue of Concern

Hello fellow Theo students,

As a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights, I recently have been messing around on the internet and came across a surprising discovery.

Of the Organizational Contributers to the "Yes on 8" campaign to ban same-sex marriage in California this recent election, 1.2 million dollars, one of the largest contributions, was made by an organization called Fieldstead and Company. I went on their website to find out more information, and came across disturbing information. Fieldstead and Company ALSO gave Drew University a grant (the amount unknown to me) to support Drew's "Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture" series.

As a person who studies gender and sexuality of the NT, and attending Drew for the strong support of this research by its faculty, I was surprised to find that an organization such as this would fund Drew. Now, granted, this grant, I think, was several years ago, it does raise and interesting question about who is supporting the programs that you and I take advantage of?

I don't mean to start anything big with this discovery, just to make you think, ask questions, and I only to ask one thing. If you support LGBTQ rights, please do not purchase any of the books of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture series. I hate to take money from Drew, as obviously I support Drew's programs, but I (and hopefully you, too) cannot support a project that is supported financially from a company that so blatantly (and to the 1.2 million dollar extreme) opposes some of my fundamental beliefs.

Just thought I'd share my discovery.

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