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Benjamin K. Tokarski
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I don't like football, I like tennis. So.. I'm happy about that!
I might be on the tennis team. Not too sure, what if I'm not good enough?
Regardless, I'll continue to play as well as cheer on our team.

Also something about the food.. The food at Drew University tasted better than the food at other universities I've been too. The food at my community college was overdone, or really underdone. Sometimes they would serve you food thats expired.. I also tasted the food at Albany University. They're one of those larger schools with the fast food resteraunts. However, the burger did not taste like a burnger, it had an odd odd taste of mint-vanilla to it which SHOULD NOT EXIST! Ontop of that, the coke I ordered with the burger did not taste like coke, it tasted more like sanatizer or something. Also, later that night, and the next day, I had a major case of the runs.

I've only been to Drew University twice, and I've gone to the food court both times.. Its pretty good as far as I can tell! The chicken taste as it should, the meat tasted like meat, nothing was horribly overdone, the snozeberries taste like snozeberries!

So yes, this is another case of a transfer student telling you, it's not that bad.
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