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There's absolutely a difference in food quality between schools and dining services. I've been to schools with far more options, that don't rely on plain rice and pasta + marinara sauce for their primary vegetarian options. For example, to throw out another name, Amherst College (on the instances that I've been there) listed ingredients of their food options. The University of Mary Washington's food is fresh, discernible WHAT it is, and is labeled accurately. Drew also does a shitty job of labeling their food, half the time the labels stay up from lunch to dinner when the food changes - and some of the time they don't even label all dishes that are presented. Sometimes items are labeled vegan, sometimes they aren't. They give us little symbols for vegan, vegetarian, containing dairy or tree nuts, but that still doesn't tell you much as far as what's actually in the food and I can't tell you how many times they slap tofu on a label and call it a day when it's a completely different item.

I've only ever had frustration with the manager of the commons, not the people working there - however I do think it's wrong that asking any staff member about the food presented, none of them know what it is. That's frustrating. Personally I think the suggestion cards on the bulletin board are all very condescending, as soon as you point out something wrong they write you an essay back about how YOU are wrong - if they respond at all.

It's just one big fucked up mess, in my opinion.
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