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I also noticed that they didn't even bother trying to give us better food for the first two weeks. Last year at orientation I excitedly called some friends to tell them that the new Aramark was soooo good because all the food was fresh, identifiable and tasty. Within two weeks there was a decline and by Thanksgiving it was abysmal. This year we seem to have started straight off on abysmal and I've been sick more or less since I got here with stomach cramps and the like.

And then there's the Snack Bar. We have to fill out a form to get our food, neither the full menu nor most of the prices are listed AND after all that many staff members still don't seem to know how to make most of the menu items without prompting. Quite frustrating and terribly slow. All I want is wholesome and filling food with flavor and texture without having been through a deep fryer.
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