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Originally Posted by E. Axel Larsson
Yes, folders will be converted to labels.

Gmail supports hierarchical labels, and when using IMAP or ActiveSync, they show up as nested folders just as you'd expect. So Google has found a way to give us folders but still stubbornly insists on not admitting that they've given us folders.

Not all of my subfolders showed up in gmail after the transfer.
For example:
In my "Cabinet" folder, all of my GroupWise "Cabinet" sub-folders are listed, but the contents of sub-folders within them are not there. I have a folder under "Cabinet" labeled "Courses" which does show up (with a triangle pointer) as well as any emails I had directly in that folder. However, the sub-folders of "Courses" for each individual course and the emails contained in those sub-folders are not showing up in gmail.

This is not a problem for me as I will cache my GroupWise emails but this may help for other individuals who are not seeing all of their email.

Edit: OK - I think the emails did transfer but the labels are not listed in the left-hand column (even though the individual emails have the correct label)
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