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Thomas G. DiLemmo
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Originally Posted by E. Axel Larsson
You couldn't get a DSL in your room. The demaraction point for all of Verizon's service to the campus is in the front of campus. Verizon won't run service to your dorm room.

If there was a need for a DSL drop somewhere on campus, it would have to be business class DSL (because we're a University). Verizon would terminate is on the front side of campus, and Drew would have to supply the copper back to the location where the DSL was to be deployed.

Also, why are you using PCAnywhere and not Windows Remote Desktop? RDP is much more efficent with bandwidth usage and doesn't have the screen refresh issues that PCAnywhere tends to.
PCAnywhere and Remote Desktop both don't work. Why? Cause they time out on connect!!! My home connection is a cable line, amazing speed even compared to other cablevision lines.

However this network can't even connect to my home PC. It times out from the horrific lag and mediocre speed. I'm just dumbfounded on how slow this .edu connection is.

I don't know how far I can complain about this, or how we can fix this, but it is astonishing.
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