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People need to remember-- when you are the one being "hassled" that is probably because someone else is being protected. Public Safety doesn't get a bonus for busting people, they respond when other people have lodged noise complaints or claimed that they don't feel safe. Just remember how much you have bitched next time you're the one who needs help. Sure, it's annoying to be the one who is confronted when you don't think you deserve it, but that is someone else's need to feel safe.

People who complain about security also tend to be the first ones who complain when they feel like they are not adequately protected.

I personally don't know about that too much. I've been harassed by p-safe in fall of 2009, for apparently smoking weed. I was with two of my friends, none of us had weed on us. We were taking a walk and having a cigarette. After the PSO stopped us, yelled at us and accused of of having weed. We were forced to stand outside for over an hour while he tried to find "discarded evidence." If someone really needed protection, then I don't think them spending over an hour trying to find something that isn't there really counts as "protecting" anyone in any sense of the word. Also, when he wrote us up, mine was never put in. However the two people I was with, had there's put on record, as well as the statement altered.
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