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Whitney C. Wopat
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hey all
my name is whitney i am from Fryeburg, ME aka exciting capital of the world...okay..i lied there's actually nothing to do around here except in the winter when i snowboard and in the summer when i bounce around in fields, go to the river, and oh yeah, work. I'm going to be an art major hailing from a private/not so private school. I graduated from Fryeburg Academy, which is private in a sense because only neighboring towns go for free, but everyone else pays . I had friends from Spain, Mongolia and across the US it was deff. a cool environment. I'm very friendly lol and motherly. I"m a mom at heart, what can i say. I can still party with the best of, does that make me a milf? Uhm i guess i'm kind of a hippie/naturist. I love being outside and enjoy being made happy by simple things. i admire the beauty and curiosity of the world and it's inhabitants....yeah so maybe i'm kind of a deep thinking weirdo too but hey, it happens. i love meeting new people and am excited to do so in less than 2 months. *woot*
so yeah, that'd be the short of it.
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