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Default iPhone 3.0 setup

Hi folks,

I just set up an iPhone 3GS with IMAP support and the instructions I posted here for 2.0 are still valid. Where are you having trouble?

BTW, I'm really looking forward to what we are going to be able to offer later this year. Novell is supposed to be releasing an ActiveSync connector for GroupWise later this year, which means we will have full calendar, contacts, and push email support for the iPhone.

ActiveSync support will also be giving us native support for Windows Mobile and newer Pam devices without installing any sort of client. ActiveSync will replace the GroupWise Mobile Server option we offer today.

We will of course continue to support the BlackBerry solution--which continues to require a separately licensed BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but the lack of per-user license fees is going to make the ActiveSync solution very attractive as well. We will be able to let anyone use it without charging them for a license and we will finally have something we can offer students that does push email.
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