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Originally Posted by James A. Matarrese
Worked great for establishing a connection, but it takes about 72 hours to update my bloody mailbox. Looks like I'll be on WebAccess after all. Thanks for your help, though!

Oh, by the way, someone should update the Uknow page for GroupWise, then. The port given on the page says 1677 instead of the default 7191. I'd do it myself, but I'd rather let someone higher up in ITS do it in case I'm misunderstanding why it's like that. Here's a link:

Thanks again.
Can you set Evolution to not cache a local copy of your mailbox on the machine? Then it won't try to download the entire thing and you won't have to wait for 72 hours.

1677 is the stanard GroupWise client/server port, which is used by the "official" GroupWise clients (Windows, Mac, Linux).

7191 is the SOAP port, used by third-party software that integrates with GroupWise.

We'll think about adding a specific set of settings for people using Novell Evolution. Not sure yet if we want to go that route, as I am not sure if anyone is actively developing on the Evolution side of things and how well it works.
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