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Originally Posted by Benjamin M. Rothman
my mailbox is storing a lot of old emails, and in order to make room for new ones, is there a way to download the old emails? I know I can forward new emails as they are sent to me, but I was wondering if I could save the old ones onto my personal computer.

Is there a way to forward all old messages?
Or forward all selected messages?
or retroactively apply a rule to all messages?
or retroactively apply a rule to all messages of a folder?

You can use this method from Novell's site. All you have to do is:

1) Hold down the Ctrl key and select the emails you want to forward (or use Ctrl+A to select all if you already know you want all of your emails).
2) Click Actions > Forward as Attachment
3) Fill out necessary fields like username and subject to send the messages in an email.

If you set up a rule in Groupwise to forward new emails to another account, you'll still need to clean out your sent and inbox folders regularly, as the emails will still be there. Instructions for doing that can be found in the DONUT pages. Hope that helps.

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