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Zachary C. Kanfer
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Originally Posted by Jessica Glickman
Do you remember where you bought it by any chance?

No, but I think the website I ordered it from went down.

Originally Posted by Matthew Ogonowski
yea i mean it is economically wiser in a sense to buy your own, but do you really see yourself using it outside of the college experience. i mean then in a way it's money and time wasted because after senior year it's kinda useless.

I don't see it that way at all. Let's say it cost $50 more the first year. I got it sophomore year, and used it junior year, and will use it senior year. For junior and senior years, it cost nothing. Cost of the drew loft: $180/year. Now, it would only be more cost-effective if I could take that extra $50 I spent the first year I had it and invested it in something that returned 500% profit per year. Since you won't find that (and have an at-all-acceptable amount of risk), yes, I consider it economically wiser an all senses.

Now, it does take time to put up, and I have to do it. It takes maybe two hours to put up, and one to take down. My father helps me put up the bed, and I take it down on my own. That's five man-hours total. $180/5 = $36/hr. Now, I don't make $36 an hour, so it's better for me to spend the time setting up the bed and saving the money than working to get the drew bed.

Also, I can sell it senior year. I don't know what I'll get (or that I won't pass it down to my sister), but $50 for a professional loft in good condition wouldn't be outrageous. And the original cost of the loft - $50 brings the cost down to the cost of the Drew bed.

I'm not saying it's the right choice for you, but it certainly was for me.
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