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Natalie E. Lannan
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Originally Posted by Graig B. Churchill
Does anyone have any idea what shows the theater department is putting on this year? I'd love to know.

i actually asked this question earlier on the drew livejournal group! the response i got was:

-Trifles by Glaspell
-The Siren Song of Stephen J. Gould by Bettenbender
-Home Free! by Wilson
-Sisters by Vogelstein
-The Parable of John by CLA student Alex Barron
-Out at Sea by Slawomir Mrozek
-Iphigenia and Other Daughters by CLA Faculty Rosemary McLaughlin and others
-A new play by Jeremy Stoller (CLA Student)
-The Stonewater Rapture - Wright
-The spring and fall dance shows
-A show that has yet to be decided but is being directed by the Department Chair.

this is all in no particular order. some of this could have changed since i asked, but like you, i am a freshman and don't know all the in's and out's of the department yet!
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