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Jennifer A. Jaworski
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I guess the email about auditions for Little Shop of Horrors actually had a prior notification before the 29th on campus?? Funny, I never saw it and I go through all my email and try to keep an eye out on campus. That is something I wouldn't have missed. Besides, the semester just started...Flyers AND the email on Monday would have helped.

Oh, case in point... I decided to check email early this morning this time...Andrew Kennedy in the first space night of the prior notification to that. Seems like events were decided on/approved at the last minute.

Granted not everyone does this. The singing opportunities email came yesterday for auditions tonight. May just go to that since I knew 24 hours ahead of time.

I'm not saying make it a first advertising source...maybe a second so we can have 24 to 48 hours notice -- which means you would need to email it 2 days beforehand to give 1 day. Then if you want still send out the reminder. Not everyone can drop what they are doing. I'm sure at least a few of the on-campus students may feel the same way.

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