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Christa A. Hendrickson
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Default Dorms!

Okay I received a very friendly tip about room assignments from a secret source (aka Dan Sorrenson) that you can find out what your dorm is if you follow these quick and east steps

1) Go to and then log in
2) When you are logged in click on Permissions on the left-side panel
3) Check of the box that says Campus Address…and any other box that suits you then click save
4) Then click on Student Directory on the left-side panel
5) Then type in your name and it will give you your dorm!

I am not sure if all of this information is final…but lets hope so! So anyways I will post this on the drew message boards as well along with my dorm number in the hopes that I will find out who my roommate is…fell free to list your dorm if you feel comfortable doing so (you can find out anyone by typig in their name in the Directory)

Ps…my dorm is Tolley if you also have that I am guessing that we are roommates?

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