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Default Suspension of English and MHL PhD admissions

As a current student in the English PhD program I very concerned about this development. If this program is "under review," to what extent is the value of my current financial investment in question. I would like to know if there is some precedent for such a strategy in another institution; and what were the results of such a strategy? Also, what exactly in the English program is in need of review? Is there some link between this and the move of the GDR (which, I believe occured last semester)? Is there a link between this and changes in administration? If it is, to quote from Dr. Roger's recent e-mail, difficult to "recruit students to programs that are under review," how does this difficulty caused by a review affect current students (for some reason I keep thinking of the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son)? Is there a reason why both the English and MHL programs are under review at the same time: I am still not clear as to how distinct these two programs actually are from one another (maybe this fact is part of the review). Earlier I referenced a financial investment when most realize that there are also a number of other sacrifices a PhD must make in the course of attaining a degree. With this in mind I urge those who are still in the English and MHL graduate programs to contact Dr. Rogers, President Weisbuch, and Dr. Gunter Smith. Maybe we can organize a meeting where we all can talk about some of the questions we have. It is my hope, and maybe more importantly, my belief that the administration is aware of the challenges we graduate students face. It is, further, my belief that with all of these reviews, it seems, already in session, the concerns of present students will be addressed in a formal meeting with the administration.
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