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I agree with that. I'm not a commuter, however I feel that a smaller meal-plan should be available at a cheaper rate.

I think the options for meal-plans are good, however I think a smaller meal-plan at a less expensive price would be a good option not only for commuters, but residents as well. A student misses many commons meals because he/she is working off-campus, etc. or students living in townhouses with their own kitchens are losing money on meals that they don't eat.

When I first came to Drew, I was actually somewhat surprised to see that there wasn't a smaller, cheaper meal plan. It is something that most universities offer because many students let meals go by. I think the current option should be mandatory for first-years, however, upperclassmen should have multiple options.

Many people's lifestyles don't circle around the Commons and Snack Bar hours. A second, smaller option for less the price would be good.
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