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Default Think before you gripe.

I donít think $62.50 is too much to ask of us. Look how much the school does for us technologically speaking. CNS fixes our stuff for free. They also sometimes provide loaners for free while ours are being fixed. (What computer company does that?) Look at all the new stuff weíre getting for the dorms; and to the commuters: Youíre getting access to Drew software off campus! Also starting this year, freshmen donít have to buy the laptops outright; theyíre included in the technology fee! Donít complain that CNS has your computer all the time if you keep getting virusesÖitís not their fault. Run an anti-virus once in a while. Yes, our school is expensive, but so are almost ALL private universities. I know as well as anyone that extra fees suck, but youíre paying for the Drew name. If you donít want to pay less than $100 extra a semester, just transfer to a cheaper school.
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