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Originally Posted by Mary R. Richmond
Remember how Drew touted that this year was the lowest tuition increase in a few years? Yeah, they tacked on an extra fee for us instead. Schools do that to get around the high increases in tuition.

The 07/08 tuition hike was 5.3%. 08/09 was 4.9% and 09/10 will be 4%. Now, not to confuse the issue with math or anything, but if the $125 (or $62.50 per semester) of the technology fee had been included in the tuition for 09/10 instead of broken out as a separate fee, the increase would have been more like 4.3%, which is still lower than last year's.

Given that Dave Muha explained the technology fee in some detail in the same Acorn article that touted the lower tuition increase, I don't think it's fair to suggest the school created the fee in order to be deceptive.

To provide some context, tuition didn't increase by less than 4.7% in a single year since 2001, and hasn't increased by less than 4% since 1997. If you want something to be upset about, just compare that to inflation, which has averaged under 3% since 1997 (and hasn't gone as high as 4% any single year since 1991). Not that Drew is by any means unique in that respect.
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