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Originally Posted by Ellis B. Hilton
I received an e-mail last night with a modest Word doc attachment. The attachment arrived just fine, but the body of the e-mail was cut off after the first couple of lines (omitting another 40-50 lines)!

The sender and I have tried several times again this morning with the same result. They also sent the e-mail with the attachment to other parties (not with Drew addresses) and they received the entire message. Thus, it appears to be either a Drew or a GroupWise problem.

The CNS Helpdesk reported that they haven't seen any other instances like this one.

I've received the information I needed (from one of the third parties) but this is perplexing. How can one tell whether a received e-mail is complete???
Was the message from a Drew person or external?

Can you Forward (as an attachment, not inline) the broken message to

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