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Stephanie E. Patent
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So I almost bought Satanic Panic in the Attic today, but instead I opted for Yo La Tengo's Electr-O-Pura (review soon to come...)
Of Montreal makes my heart smile for obvious reasons. The amalgam of unique trippy lyrics and synth-infused, danceable melodies is almost too much for my human mind to comprehend. Forecast Facist Future and The Party's Crashing Us are two of my favorites.
There's something about The Decemberists that makes you deliriously happy just to be listening to them. I loved Her Majesty--every single song on it is catchy and thoughtful. The Bachelor and the Bride is one of the saddest, most wistful songs I've ever heard. And who doesn't love The Chimbley Sweep? For the love of God, WHO???
Picaresque is also quite hot. The Infanta, with its driving percussion and fairy-tale lyrics is definitely as intriguing an opening as Shanty for the Arethusa. The Bagman's Gambit is one of my favorite songs, for some reason. It's a dynamic song about a man who falls in love with a spy. I find the lyrics so thrilling and timeless--like watching an old black and white movie on a dark, rainy day. It really didn't stand out at first from the album, but I think many of the songs on this album were unassuming to me at first. The Engine Driver is as understatedly beautiful. Then there are the infectious, upbeat songs such as 16 Military Wives, which makes no effort to disguise it's political message, but I can forgive Meloy that small infraction, considering the song is really fun to listen to. As in Her Majesty, the album includes a great little character piece--this time around it's Eli, the Barrow Boy, whose love died in some unexplained, but surely tragical, manner. Damn good storytelling.
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