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Originally Posted by Amanda L. Brennan
i've done that and aim doesn't work still. booo.
oh well.
If you have the proxy set up, then it bypasses wireless authentication because as far as the firewall which protects the wireless network is concerned, you are not actually hitting an off-campus site.

Basically, the issue is that the system we are using to do the wireless authentication doesn't integrate at all with the system we are using to protect all of our other web applications. We're evaluating solutions that would be better integrated and also authenticate you seamlessly if you have a Drew standard PC and log into the network.

Rather than messing with the proxy settings in Mozilla, try opening up IE (which normally doesn't have the proxy turned on by default on our standard PCs) and go to This should cause a login dialog to popup. After you've logged in, you can close IE and everything else should start working for you.
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