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Default Contra Dance!

Hey everyone!

For those who may be interested, there's this thing called contra dancing. Youtube it. It's basically swing dancing + folk line dancing. It's awesome, promise.

Anyway! There is going to be a dance this coming Saturday at the Ogden Memorial Church, which is just one block north of the Chatham train station. Admission is $5 for students, $10 for adult non-students. They usually do sort of introductory steps and so forth starting at 7:30pm, but the actual dance begins at 8. Beginners are always welcome!

As far as what to wear, just bring a pair of clean, soft soled shoes to dance in, and it's usually more fun for the girls if you wear a skirt that poofs when you spin, because there is a LOT of spinning, if you so choose.

Anyway, email/reply/facebook me if you have any questions!
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