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Angelina H. DalLago
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Unhappy Something needs to be done

So today had to be the best experience I have had at the snack bar. Now I am usually not one to complain about trivial matters and I normally don't dwell on things but I am so upset over this seemingly petty thing. I was at the wrap station ordering my usual spicy chicken wrap and I nicely asked for a pickle. Now I should have known that they would be out of pickles because that is nothing new, but I like to ask in the off chance that I might actually receive one. So I asked my usual "May I have a pickle with that?" to which the lady behind the counter replied in a very brutal tone "No." ....I could not believe that someone would be so rude as to give such an impolite response.

The snack bar used to be such a friendly place last year where the workers would talk to the students and joke with them. I do not know why the attitude has changed but I personally would like a little more respect when I am dishing out so much money for food.
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