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I agree that the food sucks, but I have not had many dealings with the staff, and even less of those have been unpleasant.

This year I have eaten only pizza and cereal, every day for every meal. Those two things are rather hard to mess up, but somehow the pizza is still bad/overcooked. I recently tried switching from my normal, safe diet to the one intended for students to eat (ie. the regular food... like pasta, salad, other vegetables.. etc) and I quickly learned after one attempt that I could not do that because I had not the iron-coated stomach that every one else here has developed and got terrible stomach pains after the meal.

I have been to other schools, cheaper schools, and they have MUCH better cafeterias. The kind that I was excited to return to because the food was... actually good. (and it did not cause me physical harm to eat)
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