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I'd recommend leaving it off for now. One reason we don't recommend it is that the initial patch releases can sometimes cause additional problems. We're in the process of rolling out a sofware package called "Patchlink" (we've put it on most of the faculty and staff computers in the last month) that allows us to distribute the Microsoft (and other) patches in an organized fashion. The company that makes the product also does additional testing on Microsoft's patches before releasing them to customers. Usually we get the redistribtued patches within 48 hours or less of the release date. There will be an email about Patchlink, and I'll probably post something here when we start putting it on some of the student computers.

There aren't any major patches this month -- Microsoft skipped their "Patch Tuesday" for September. Apparantly, the patch for a critical (Internet Explorer?) problem either wasn't 100% effective or caused problems.
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