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Default I like my women like I like my coffee...

sorry. shameless eddie izzard plug. HOWEVER, i was feeling bad that woco the club had no posts as we are a RIDICULOUSLY active club, so as the publicity/programming member of the board, i hereby declare this section posted in

we have a lot of really cool things in the works, like sexual assault awareness week [and it IS fun, believe it or not], take back the night, lots of speakers, performers, and whatnot. hopefully the club will be working more closely with the house this year [if i have anything to say about it] so keep an eye out for cool things. lots and lots of them. is the meat of this post. why should you join women's concerns at drew university?

because: you will learn about feminism, and how not all feminists are ball-bashing, man-hating lesbians. you will learn that feminism is about equality and not superiority, and that it's really not all that scary. you will learn not to fear the word because of the negative connotations that are largely untrue. YES, men should come to our meetings - we had some amazing male members last year who participated in some fabulous debates. if i learned anything from women's concerns last year it was that men and women, while different in anatomy, have a surprising lot in common. sometimes it seemed less like a women's concerns meeting and more like a gathering of friends discussing the world from gendered points of view, regardless of your own gender. it's amazing to get into the head of the opposite gender and see things from his or her point of view. after all, you can't truly understand your own position if you don't understand the opposite, can you?

we try not to be intimidating, although i guess that the board of any club can be at times [ha ha]. basically we just like to have a good time and have a good discussion.

SO, if you are at all interested in current events, politics, gender and sexual orientation, or just want to broaden your horizons, then you should definitely stop by. you might get lucky - we have snacks. a lot. i don't actually know why we have them so often, but we do.

and that's all
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