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Originally Posted by Paul R. Coen
I'm from Rhode Island, and old enough to remember January/February 1978 - a bad ice storm, followed a few weeks later by the blizzard. The best part of the blizzard? They forcast something like 2" of snow, not 3 feet. I have to admit that kind of adjusted my winter weather scale. If things don't shut down for a week, it's not that bad.
I'm a fellow Rhode Islander! And while I'm not old enough to remember the blizzard of '78, I do remember the nor'easter of...'98? Being, like, 10, maybe it seemed a lot more of a big deal than it was...but I can remember struggling through thigh deep snow over to my neighbor's house, and almost being buried under snow falling from their roof. Good times.

Oh, and for the cold factor, one winter a couple of years ago it was like, 15 degrees below zero with the wind chill, and you could get frostbite in 5-10 minutes...also good times.
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