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Jenna L. Scandone
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Default helpful links for freshmen!

hey ive been browsing and i found a few helpful links for how tos and whatnot
that can tell you how to transfer your music liberary for your IPOD from one computer to another. very simple. basicly tells you how to transfer things using your ipod itself.
a great resourse for setting up your room. its a tool that lets you enter your room dementions and place objects inside to figure out how to make the most of the space you have. click start, if you dont have flash software youll be prompted to download it. once thats done, you choose the room type you want, bedroom, and enter the dementions, then start putting in furnature and windows and stuff. they dont have some objects like desks availible in the bedrooms, but you can improvise and use a media unit or vanity to represent the desk. they also let you save and print.
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