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Dia O'Neil
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i'm working on...languages three, four, and five, does that count? i'm a native english speaker who has a more or less working knowledge of spanish [although it has really suffered in the past few years, i'm going to try and get hilda the snack bar lady to teach me while i'm teaching her english], an intermediate knowledge of hindi, and will be taking telegu and arabic within the next year or two [i plan on becoming proficient in at least arabic, of the two of those]. i can also speak a little indonesian, and have studied latin. i can understand italian, although i cant speak it. and i really want to learn russian.

Originally Posted by Laure D'Angelo
Does any one speak Greek ????

i've BEEN to greece, and know enough to get by. which really isn't much, but i DO plan on returning, and i DO plan on learning more, as i did a somewhat extensive study on the language from a linguistic perspective and it fascinates me. however, i know a girl who speaks more or less fluent greek, if you want to have a chat with her or something

not all linguistics majors actually buckle down and learn foreign languages - but it's hard not to want to
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