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Dia O'Neil
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Default Help Stop Worldwide Sex Trafficking

I know that nobody really checks the club message boards, but I am adequately bored and have been meaning to post this anyway, so here goes.

You may not be aware [or maybe you are] of just how prevalent sex trafficking is in the world. Sex trafficking ranges from mail-order bride catalogs in Russia to "massage parlours" in Bankok, Thailand where women are viewed from behind a glass and picked by numbers pinned on their shirts...from fourteen-year-old children bought and sold in hotel rooms in Atlanta, Georgia to seven-year-old children in Nepal taken from their villages and sold into "the cages" - brothels in the red light district of Mumbai, India. You may never have run across this problem in your every day life, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Sex trafficking - or the flesh trade, as it is sometimes known - IS a problem. The commodification and objectification of women IS a problem. It happens everywhere, in back alleys and in upscale, upperclass homes. It probably happens in Madison, New Jersey. We just don't see it.

This semester, myself and several other likeminded folks [which so far consists and Prof. Cassady] are going to put together a semester-long program dealing with the issue of sex trafficking. We will be bringing in speakers on the issue, hold showings of "The Day My God Died" [a documentary put together by the people at Maiti Nepal - click here to view a clip], and sell goods made by women and children rescued and rehabilitated in Nepal. This is going to be such an important event. No child should be held in a filthy house and systematically raped daily because her family couldn't afford to keep her at home. No woman should be forced to undergo violent abortions, and then be forced back into the brothels hours after the operation is completed. No little boy should have to be raised to accept these conditions, or feel as though he must perpetuate them. No HUMAN should have to endure these atrocities, and we're going to do what we can to help stop it.

If you'd like to help, please let me know. We will be working with the following organizations, and ANY help would be much appreciated.

Get angry. Get angry and then DO something. Take talking to the next level, and let's get something done.
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