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Default 11/20 ride to NYC/newark/trenton/philly


I'm trying to get home to Philly for thanksgiving. Since I have no idea what status of the Morris/Essex line will be, I would really love if someone would be nice enough to give me a ride to where I know public transit can get me the rest of the way.

As such, I'd love assistance from someone going to NYC/Newark/Trenton who can drop me off:
In NYC @ Penn Station
In Newark @ Penn Station
In Trenton @ Trenton Transit Center

OR: Someone going NEAR one of the above who can get me on public transit that will get me to one of the above places

If someone happens to be going into Philly, I just want to get to 30th Street Station (and am willing to bus/subway/regional rail there).

I'm more than happy to pay for gas if you have room in your car for me.
I can leave as early as 2:30pm and (currently) have no time I have to get in.

For the quickest contact, call/text me at 2679024734

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