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Default Who has fancy phones or PDAs?

A quick, informal, and wholly unscientific poll..

How many people (students, faculty, and staff included) have some sort of mobile device (Palm, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, or other kind of smartphone or PDA -- this includes Treos and most of the "fancy" cell phones with SyncML support) and will want to sync it with your GroupWise calendar and email? Any of those with a regular cell phone who just want to be able to get text messages notification when they have new email in GroupWise?

We're already supporting BlackBerries for faculty and staff, but there's a per-device software licensing cost associated with that (which CNS charges back to departments who are using BlackBerries). With the new GroupWise Mobile Server we can support all of these (non-BlackBerry) devices and there is no per-device cost, so we are thinking about allowing anyone in the Drew community to use it. BlackBerry however, still provides the tightest integration with GroupWise and is the only true "push" email solution, so that will continue to be the supported option for faculty and staff. Given the sheer variety of devices that the Mobile Server supports, the Mobile Server will be supported with a "community support" model. In other words, no formal Helpdesk support, but these forums will be a resource.

I've got GMS running on a test machine. Just curious to get some sort of idea of demand before we open the floodgates and announce it to everyone...
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