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Jennifer A. Richter
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So i'm cleaning out my garage a few years ago, and i find my old rollerblades. "Score!" i think to myself "I havent seen these in years!". So i put them on, and they still fit. now, a new house has just been built on my block with a driveway with two entrances at the top of a hill, and the houses garage at the bottom, amazing layout for biking or rollerblading. so i go over there and start rolling down the hill. about a second later i realize that not only can i not turn, i've forgotten how to stop.
and heres my other dilemma: if i smash into the garage doors and break them, im really screwed, cause i wont be able to pay for them. so i look around and the only option is... ya know that foot-wide peice of concrete type wall you find between two garage doors? "Oh SHI-" BLAM! face first. and then BAM backwards onto the pavement.
I wish I coulda seen me, it must have been hilarious.
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