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Danna L. Gutman
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Talking hey arabic people!

Originally Posted by Saman Asheer
Lol, we'll need a support group. I'm gonna be a junior next year, and I haven't taken a language since my junior year in highschool, and now Arabic, we'll see how much fun that is. I'm just excited that there are lots of people in it, because I was always worried that it was one of the classes under threat of being cancelled for "lack of interest." Also, even though TOE has a funny name its awesome and has yummy food :-D

I'll be in the Arabic class too! I'm pretty excited, since I've been meaning to take Arabic since my freshman year (when it DID get cancelled). but I was reassured that we have a great new professor coming to teach us, and the class is going to be huge for a Drew Arabic class! seems like a great group too. anyway, it better be good since I seem to remember promising myself not to take any more evening classes... and now they're all I'm taking...
we should definitely chill at TOE to work through the crazy homework we'll probably have - and TOE is conveniently open on Thursday nights, right? :-)
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