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Originally Posted by Sarah G. Davie
Ok so I have wireless now, and it's an OK signal [2 bars] in my room, but if I want to use the internet cable in my room it won't work - now I can only use wireless, even if I want to use the internet cable and don't want to keep reconnecting every time I turn my computer on. Can I fix this?

Sarah, do you have one of the new Drew computers? If so, I've noticed that, if you have the wireless switch on the front of the computer turned on (so that you can get wireless connections), the computer automatically defaults to wireless access, even when you are plugged in with an Ethernet cable.

When you want to use the cable to connect to the Drew LAN, turn the wireless switch off, plug in your Ethernet cable, log off, and then log back in to your computer (making sure that you are using the ON CAMPUS login, no Off Campus).

Try this out before calling the Helpdesk about your Ethernet jack. Of course, any time that you want to get wireless you will have to remember to turn the switch on the front of the computer back on before it will connect.

If you need help with any of this, please come down to the Student Technology Education Lab - basement of Brothers College, right across the hall from the CNS Helpdesk. You can also call for assistance at ex. 3003.


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